In December 2016, we sat in a small, cozy café somewhere in Salzburg. We could see the roaster cooling the freshly roasted beans. The coffee was somewhat good, but not exceptional. At that time, we were already addicted to high-quality coffee. Someone said, "We should do something like this in Vienna – but make it really good." That was the spark for KAFFEIN.

Since then, we have poured a tremendous amount of energy, love, and passion into developing KAFFEIN. We knew we wanted to follow two fundamental principles: first, to strive for the best possible quality in every aspect of our actions, and second, to continually seek the best way to avoid or at least minimize human and environmental impact.

With this mindset, we delved into the complex world of coffee. To be honest, the path we chose is not always easy; it can be bumpy and tiresome at times, but it is consistently deeply rewarding. Being able to monitor the entire process - the evolution of coffee from the very special soil in some hidden part of the world to the wow moment when someone takes their first sip from an espresso cup - makes it all worthwhile.

The magical allure that good coffee holds for people is unparalleled in its ability to connect and blend utterly different human experiences from all around the world. So we will continue pressing forward to provide this unique human connection each and every day – simply because we love it.